Access Doors

Round Access Doors

Access Doors w Round Window

Access Doors w Full Window

Casing Doors

Ductboard Doors

Tab Hinged & Cammed "A" Doors

Press-On Hinged & Cammed "H" Doors

Press-On Cammed "C" Doors

Tab Cammed "B" Doors

Flush Mount Access Doors


E-55 Cleats

F Cleats

PVC Cleats

Universal Cleats

Cleat Tools

C&F Corners

Auto Corner for C & F

Stackable C Corner

Stackable F Corner

C Corner with Teeth

C-W Corner

F Corner with Teeth

F-W Corner

F-E Corner

Corner Tool

Damper Blades

Damper Blade

Heavy Duty Damper Blade

Rectangular Damper Blade

Damper Blade Regulator

Damper Hardware

Link Ball Brackets

Damper Brackets

Auto-Line Brackets

Oppo-Line Brackets

Twin-Link Brackets

Bracket Component Part of: DP-1, OL-1, TLB-1

Bracket Component Part of: AL-1

Bracket Component Part of: DP-7

Swivel Splitter Damper Bracket

Split Link Brackets

Damper Rod Casting

Pressure Test Holes

Damper Rod Clips

Round Damper Rod

Adapter Pin - Plated Steel

Bearing Straps

Bearing Straps Set - Strap & Set Screw


Crank Arm

Speedy Damper Regulator Set

Speedy Damper Regulator Set for Insulated Duct

"Dial" Damper Regulator Set


Hammer-on Regulator Set

Damper Regulator Parts

Quadrant Damper Regulator Sets

Super Snap-in Bushing

3/8" Damper Clips

3/8" Quadrant Regulator - Die Cast - Square Hole

1/2" Quadrant Regulator - Stamped Handle

1/2" Quadrant Regulator - Die Cast - Square Hole

Quadrant Regulator - Die Cast - Round Hole

Dial & Quadrant Regulators

Engineered End Bearings

Elevated Regulators for Insulated Duct

Oppo-Line Damper Accessories

Oppo-Line Set

Multi-Blade Set

Parallel-Blade Damper Accessories

Damper Parts

Damper Seals

ESS-12 Side Seal

Carrier Seal

BES-2 Gripseal

BES-2SS Gripseal

SMS - Smoke Seal

Bulb Seal - BS-1/BS-2

HF-1 Hat Frame

Top Blade

Center Blade

Duct Liner, Board & Wrap

Duct Liner

Duct Wrap

Duct Board

Duct Reinforcements

Punched Angle

Conduit Cross Clamps


Conduit Inserts

Nylon Inserts

Nylon Spring Inserts

Stud Inserts

Fasteners & Hardware

Carriage Bolts

Damper Shaft Extension

Double Expansion Anchors

Drop-In Anchors

Hex Nuts

Nylon Nut & Bolt

Self Drilling Screws


Toggle Bolts

Stud Anchors

Wedge Anchors

Nail-In Anchors



Bellmouth Collars

Center-High HET


HD Damper Sleeves

HET with HD Standoff

Tilted HET


Press-On Collars

Cable Operated Fittings

Press-Ons For Multi Round

Elgen Super Standoff

Round Saddle HET

Round Saddle Press-On

Round Saddle Large Flange

Round Saddle Conical

Rectangular Dampers

Spiral Pipe Coupling

Spiral Ring


1-Piece Easy Handle

End Cap

Super Snap-in Bushing


Elgen Flange

J Flange

H Flange

Elgen Flange Corners- All Types

J Corners

H Corners

Elgen Flange Cleat

J and C Cleats

Flex Duct Connector


Super Wide 4x10x4

Silent Duct With Rope


Fabric Rolls


High Temp Fiberglass


440 Butyl Gasket Tape

Hand Tools

Heavy Duty Stapler

Hanging Systems

Two Way Gripper

Hanger Strap Bracket

1" Hanger Strap

Strap Hangers

Insulated Flex Duct

Insulated Flex Duct

Insulation Fasteners

Elgen Superpoint Weld Pins

Gripnail Bang-On Pins

Peel & Press

Plasma Labels

Elgen Laser Labels

Sealants & Adhesives

100% Silicone

Water Based Liner Adhesive

Spray On Liner Adhesive

Precision Adhesive's Duct-Seal Pro

Elgen Duct Solv 0

Pumpable Sealant

Spray Gun

Shrink Wrap w/ PSA

Elgen Shrink Wrap

Slips & Drives

1" Flat S Slip

1/2" Standing S Slip

1-5/8" Standing S Slip

1" Flat Drive

1" Standing Drive

1" Standing S Slip

Snap Lock Pipe & Adjustable Elbows

Snap Lock Pipe

Adjustable Elbows

Adjustable Elbow-Taps

Spiral Elbows

Spiral Elbows

Stainless & Nylon Straps

Stainless Flex Ties

Nylon Straps

Nylon Strapping Tool

Strut Channel & Accessories

Strut Channel

Back To Back Strut Channel

Spring Nuts

Saddle Washers

Square Washers

Threaded Rod Couplings

Hex Nuts & Washers


Beam Clamps

90 Degree Brackets

Threaded Rod

Modular Strut Hangers


FSK Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape

Duct Tape

Tools & Shop Supplies

Genie/Vermette Lifts

Flex Tie Tension Tool

Genie Hoist

High Speed Drill Bits

Magnetic Chucks

Elgen Sawzall Blades

Air Hammer

Kett Shear

Vane & Rail

Single Wall 4" Vane

Double Wall 2" Vane

4" Turning Vane



2" Rail

4" Rail

Elgen Super Rail

Insulated Accoustical Vane

Nipple for Vane